Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kevin Goodman Reviews SFS

Kevin Goodman, author of the excellent book, UFO Warminster, reviews my Science Fiction Secrets book:

"In the absence of any new decent books on the UFO subject [David Clarke’s book is an exception regarding the above statement] a new book by one of the most prolific and respected researchers in the field is welcomed.

"As with David Clarke’s book, this is no run of the mill rehash of classic sightings and saucer lore, as it covers a section of the UFO myth that has, to now, been mostly ignored...

"Science Fiction Secrets is a cornucopia of individual essays, each dealing with the impact that UFOs have had on science fiction and vice versa. Most UFO researchers will admit to having a passing interest in science fiction be it in the visual medium or in print. I for one was brought up on the classic TV shows of Gerry Anderson, and it was his 1970 series UFO which sparked my interest in Ufology.

"Nick’s passion for both subjects shines through this work, and as the publicity states on the back of the book:

*Mix two parts science fiction with one part high level government secrecy
*Add a liberal helping of the paranormal
*Let Nick Redfern heat and serve...

"In the book, Nick looks at Government 'assistance' in the filming of Spielberg’s classic CE3K, FBI agents investigating the acclaimed writer of science fiction, Philip K. Dick, how did the “Lone Gunmen”, a spin-off series from the hugely popular “X-Files” predict the 9/11 disaster?

"These and many more instances such as the above are covered in the book. Although Nick now lives in the USA, you’d be forgiven thinking that the book was solely aimed at the American market. Not so! For inside the book are a number of chapters devoted to the UK and how the UK government perceives the UFO enigma.

"All in all, a pleasant book which covers some unusual aspects which have been ignored for too long, and the book is a welcome breath of fresh air. For anyone with an interest in UFOs and science fiction, it is a must read. I look forward to Nick’s next book, on alleged alien contact..."

And, on a related matter, the new issue of Fortean Times includes a serialized chapter from Science Fiction Secrets. Which chapter is it? The front-cover may provide a clue...

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